How to Build a Skirt


My first skirt was constructed entirely by hand using 16 oz./sq.yd. neoprene coated nylon and vinyl coated nylon materials. The geometry of the curves posed some difficulties due to the fact that adjacent pieces needed to overlap by 1" in order to attach them properly.

Making the Skirt

Upon reflection, this should be the easiest part of the craft to make. Go out and acquire an old rubber liferaft of the proper size. For the purposes of this project, a 5 meter raft will do. It does not matter if the raft is damaged in the tube, although any leaks in the bottom will need to be repaired.

Turn the liferaft upside down. There, now you are done. This will serve very nicely as a skirt system.

The next stage is to lash it down to a frame that will support the shape of craft and help to stabilize the prop/engine housing. This frame can be built out of most anything, wood and/or hollow aluminum tubing will work just fine.

Stephen Heise